About Buying a Book

About Create-A-Book® SA – in SA since 1989

I bought a Create-A-Book® about 12 years ago, is this the same company?
If I want to become a distributor of Create-A-Book® products, how do I go about it?

About the books

How good is the quality of the books?
How many different stories do you have?
Are the books in English only?
Are the books in colour or black and white?

About buying a book

How do I order a book?
Why do books have to be ordered instead of just bought ‘off the shelf’?

About Distributors in the area

Do you have Distributors in my area?

About seeing a book years ago – same books available?

I bought a Create-A-Book® about 12 years ago. Is this the same Company?
Will I be able to get that same book again?

About price

How much are the books?