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Welcome to the wonderful world of Create-a-Book® SA 

Create-a-Book® SA has been in business in South Africa since 1989 and is the leading supplier of personalised storybooks in the country.

The business is licensed to Create-a-Book® Inc. in the USA, the world’s largest personalised storybook publisher. Create-a-Book® SA holds the Master License to sell Create-a-Book® software and products in Southern Africa, and has successfully serviced all Licensees in this region since 1989.

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Our objectives are twofold:

  1. Create-a-Book® SA Boys_reading_smlTo offer others the opportunity of generating income by marketing the highest quality books with the most successful marketing programmes available.
  2. To have a positive impact on our youth.  Our timeless slogan, “Today’s Readers – Tomorrow’s Leaders”, is always taken into consideration as we strive to produce products that not only entertain but educate our children.

If you’ve ever witnessed the joy on the face of a child when they realise they are the main character of their very own story, you’ll understand why Create-a-Book® has been so successful worldwide.

Our products bring more joy to children than you can ever imagine.

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In all the years we’ve owned Create-A-Book® in South Africa we have NEVER tired of seeing the happiness we bring whenever one of our storybooks is sold or given to someone as a gift.  In fact, our products are so special they practically sell themselves!

We can tell you stories of people who have come back to us after more than 20 years since buying a Create-A-Book® for their children, now wanting to buy a book for their grandchildren!

Our products deliver joy to young and old!

Create-A-Book® is and always will be a happy environment because of the joy we bring to children, and the fun and laughter we bring to adults with our adult range.

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