How It Works

how it works June 2014

The Create-a-Book® Concept

A Create-a-Book® business is ideal for anyone wanting to work from home and determine their own income, while at the same time bringing smiles to little faces.

Basic computer knowledge is all you need to produce Create-a-Book® personalised products. The process requires a desktop or laptop computer (nothing fancy) and a printer  – that’s it!


How it works

Create-a-Book® software magically weaves personal details into any one of a variety of titles, making the child (or adult) the star of their very own story.  The books, which we provide to you unassembled, are easy to produce and are professionally bound in a wipeable hard cover, including 18 full colour illustrations.  It takes less than five minutes to make a book!

Your Create-a-Book® license is valid for a lifetime, so there’s a lifetime of profits to be made!  But if you ever find that you are unable to continue with Create-a-Book® for any reason, you may resell your business (a transfer fee is payable).

We’ve designed our programme so that you can use it immediately.

All books feature the child’s (or adult’s) name, age, three friends’ names and home town throughout the story.  They also contain a personal message from the person giving the book, and are treasured as keepsakes for the rest of the recipient’s life.

The print is well spaced for the young reader and all our stories teach sharing and moral values.

Benefits of Owning a Create-a-Book® Dealership

  • Create-a-Book® is an affordable, low-risk, personalised storybook business. Start-up costs are low and there are no royalties, quotas, or enforced advertising costs.
  • Each Create-a-Book® license is bought outright and is transferable if the Licensee decides to sell the business at a later date. Terms and conditions apply.
  • At all times Create-a-Book® Dealers can rest in the knowledge that professional Head Office support is available for any marketing and systems issues they may have.
  • Create-a-Book® has a range of personalised storybooks to cater for any age from birth to adult.
  • Join the market leaders in South Africa since 1989.  More than two decades’ track record proves that we are not a fly-by-night operation waiting to take your money and disappear.
  • Earn extra income and determine your own salary cheque each month.
  • Be your own boss; work from business premises, or from home.
  • Enjoy the support of professional back-up for the lifetime of your license.
  • Be part of an ever-expanding market which is cash based! Because every book is personalised and therefore unique, payment is made up front.
  • Sell an exciting and unique concept, which is loads of fun and has a huge market potential; a product which is set to become a household name.
  • Be part of a worldwide network of personalised storybook publishers and distributors and be kept updated with exciting new product developments from abroad.
  • Our wide range of personalised products provides an excellent means of diversifying and growing your business when you are ready to do this.
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