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Marketing and sales June 2014

You will be provided with a Marketing and Sales folder with ideas on how to promote and sell your new range of products, based on our years of experience in the industry.

As a Create-a-Book® Dealer you can sell the books to individuals, companies, hospitals, crèches, schools … the list is endless. In fact, you will find that these books are so unique that they practically sell themselves.

“When the book’s about YOU ….. it’s a different story altogether!” Children love to hear (or read) about themselves.  No other storybook has the emotional appeal and impact that a personalised storybook has.  And with the message and name of the person giving the book printed inside each book, the product becomes something that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Our children’s and adult stories enable you to successfully set yourself up at shopping malls or markets; sell through the “party” system or call on nursery schools, crèches, schools, colleges and universities; hospitals, clinics, doctors rooms, pre- and post-natal classes, toy shops, sports shops/clubs, or photographers.  Once someone buys a personalised storybook from you, you will have a customer for life.

Although our main focus is on children’s books we also have a range of humorous adult stories which are very popular, as well as the Wedding Story tale which doubles as an Anniversary Story. Our “Graduation Story” is a top seller at the end of the year.

National exposure and awareness campaigns

We have a policy of assisting our dealers by passing on any orders we receive directly from clients. Create-a-Book® is becoming a household name and as long as you remain visible, and active, we will pass leads onto you to help increase your sales and customer base.

We endeavour to assist you at all times and send out regular informative newsletters to keep you up to date with new developments, ideas, and products.

Within our range of stationery, we have colourful brochures which double as order forms. The brochures have also been found to be valuable advertising tools as they have been designed with a blank space to accommodate the name and address of the Licensee making the sale.  Experience has taught us that placing one of these into each book sold often generate repeat orders. We also have full colour letterheads and business cards, which we supply with your details.

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you will find that these books are so unique that they practically sell themselves.

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