About Buying a Business Opportunity

About the concept of personalized books

What does personalised storybooks actually mean?

The child and his or her friends become the real characters in the story, with real places and dates also included.  In other words the child becomes the hero of his/her very own story.

About Create-A-Book® SA

How long has Create-A-Book® SA been around?

Create-A-Book® has been in South Africa since 1989.

Are you affiliated to Create-A-Book® in the USA?

Yes, Create-A-Book® Inc in the USA is our international Head Office.  We hold a Master Distributor license, and purchase our stock from them.

About buying a business

Is this a Franchise?

No, Create-A-Book® is not a franchise, and therefore no royalties or stock purchase quotas are imposed on our Dealers.

How long does my license last if I were to purchase a Create-A-Book® business?

It is a lifetime license!

Can I sell my business in the future if my circumstances change?

Yes, you may sell your business at any time.  There is a fee payable to cover various administrative costs.

What is the risk of buying a Create-A-Book® business?

Most of our Dealers pay their business off within a year, but that depends on how hard you are prepared to work.  The risk is very low, because the cost of the business can be paid off early, and there are no overheads involved, since our Dealers work from home.

What support can we expect from Head Office?

 All technical queries are a phone-call away.  With regard to stock, we import large quantities of stock from the USA and carry sufficient stock to supply our dealers nationwide from our local head office in JHB.  Furthermore, any enquiries received by Head Office are passed on to our operating Dealers, because the more successful you are, the more successful we are!

Is everything supplied in the business package when I purchase a business?

Yes, all you need is a printer and computer.

Is it difficult to make a book?

It is VERY easy to make and assemble the books.  After some practice you can make a book in about 5 – 7 minutes

About stock orders

Where is your local Head Office?

Johannesburg, but we supply our Dealers nationwide.

Is stock available locally?

Yes, our stock room is full of stock to supply our Dealers..

About Marketing

Do we get any Marketing material with the business?

Each business package is supplied with a marketing and sales manual to help you get started.